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Brakes & Rotor Service

Brakes & Rotors Service

Your brakes get the most wear and tear out of the majority of your vehicle parts, and are the most critical to your safety. You need your brakes to respond quickly in the event of a traffic incident, and to behave smoothly and responsively as you navigate stoplights, crossings, and stop-and-start traffic. To keep your brakes and rotors in top condition, you need repeated and regular servicing to check brake performance, identify any issues, and repair your brakes.

Regardless of your vehicle type, Formula Automotive Group offers services for you. We repair and service all brake types, from drum brakes to disc brakes. No matter the part, we’re here to help with brake repair and replacement for calipers, shoes, rotors, and pads. ABS systems? No problem. We have trained technicians ready to provide exceptional brake service at our Glendale and Burbank locations.

Understanding how your brakes work is critical to maintaining their performance. Rotors combine with brake pads to come to a complete stop, using compression against the rotors to slow forward momentum. Brakes are designed to use various methods to dissipate excess heat, and prevent heat damage to the rotors. However, malfunctions and time can still cause wear and tear.

For safety purposes, you should have your brakes inspected periodically. The most commonly recommended interval is every 10,000 miles or, barring that, once per year. Trust our qualified vehicle technicians to conduct in-depth inspections with detailed reports outlining the health and servicing needs of your braking system.

Rotors suffer a great deal of stress due to their role in bringing a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds to a stop at high speed. The amount of heat generated by friction on braking is astronomical, and leads to damage over time. If you notice a vibrating brake pad, your rotors are likely damaged and in need of replacement. They may even be cracked. An inspection will reveal any damage, and knowledgeable technicians can provide expert advice on the best route to take for servicing, replacement, and repair. It’s normal to replace your rotors periodically, and can significantly prolong the life and health of your vehicle while ensuring your safety on the road.

Sometimes all you need is a little repair rather than a full replacement. Our technicians are qualified to assess the best route to bring your car back to full health, and extensively trained in brake repair and safety for a wide variety of vehicle makes, models, and braking systems. Not only that, but we offer a complimentary brake inspection to provide you with cost-effective alternatives.

Brake fluid is often overlooked as a critical component in an active braking system, but without clean, refreshed brake fluid your brakes won’t function properly and will begin to show problems in stopping accurately. On average, most replace their brake fluid once every 2 years. Come visit our technicians to get your brakes and brake fluid checked out, and rely on the trusted expertise of your local Formula Automotive Group shop.

Formula Automotive Group proudly serves the Brake Repair needs of customers in Glendale, CA, Burbank, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.

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